Transport and Distribution

We are committed to transport using transport boxes

Using an exclusive form of cooperation with our logistics partner, GG. De Vries Transport, we provide the transport for our partners in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. As a result of this close form of cooperation, we are able to operate very efficiently and flexibly; already proven to our valued partners.

Efficiency and flexibility can be recognized throughout the whole logistics chain. Since we ourselves can plan this whole logistics chain, we achieve an efficient chain where all the logistic processes fit together seamlessly. We share the results of this efficiency with our partners, so that a win-win situation exists for the whole partner chain.

At Van der Heiden Cheese Services, the starting points are personal attention to our clients and of course also to the load. Our experienced planners and drivers know exactly what you expect of them. They take complete charge for reliable and safe transport on your behalf. As a flexible logistics provider, our company offers the complete package: road transport, warehousing, bulk packaging and distribution to your buyers.

We are committed to transport using transport boxes

In the very near future, in order to execute the logistic flows as efficiently and socially responsible as possible, we will transport our cheeses ex factory in our special cheese transport boxes. In this way, we will be able to supply an even higher quality of cheese and organize the chain in a very efficient way.