Bulk packaging

We are true specialists in bulk packaging.

This is due to our state-of-the-art and innovative machinery, especially designed for us for labelling and rok labelling the cheeses and applying banderoles to them. This is possible for various Gouda cheeses of 5kg, 12kg and 16kg. From small to large volumes.

We only work with our special plastic coating because this gives you the best guarantee of quality and adhesion.

The other services we can offer our partners:

  • Labelling and applying banderoles
  • Rok labelling (every model required is possible)
  • Colour coating in any colour required
  • Slicing the cheese in any packaging and weight required
  • Wax-coating (without points, transparent wax)
  • Labelling cheeses with the weight, ingredients, EAN code, et cetera
  • Packing in boxes or packages
  • Supplying specific packaging materials
  • Adding repack labels
  • Adding advertising material
  • Preparing on HT pallets
  • Order picking at client level
  • Loading sea containers
  • Distribution
  • Other services


The concept that we offer you has been developed tailor-made to your wishes, because every client has their own specific wishes.


In addition, we are able to load the export orders for you into containers, using beetle-free (HT) pallets and stowage bags.