Sustainable enterprise

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable enterprise, also referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), means enterprise with a balance between economic, social and environmental interests.

At Van der Heiden Cheese Services, we do not only view our profit and loss figures, but we also look at the consequences of our operational activities for people and the environment. And we do not only look at the present consequences of our activities, but also at the consequences for the future.
We are continually in search of the correct balance between the three Ps: People, Planet and Profit. Within Van der Heiden Kaasopslag, as well as outside of our company. Sustainable enterprise means that, according to our capacity, we contribute to resolving social and environmental problems that are related to the company.

To realize these objectives, we are prepared to invest in people, means of production and process efficiency.

A good example is our brand new air treatment system that makes very efficient use of energy. This system recycles residual heat in order to provide the company with hot water. By means of this investment, we succeeded in reducing our gas consumption, for example, by 60%.